UV-C Sterilization Robot




The DSS UV-C Robot Sterilizer is a powerful warrior in the battle against deadly pathogens. This autonomous sterilization robot is equipped with the world’s leading composite and navigation technology. The UV-C Robot Sterilizer is fully equipped with 8 UV-C broad-based lamps resulting in full 360-degree sterilization. The brains of the navigation are integrated with an iPad controller that comes included with the robot.

The robot includes sophisticated sensing systems such as laser radar, machine vision, and depth vision. This results in a fully intelligent operation with personal safety a cornerstone of its premium operation.

The robot includes autonomous navigation that independently completes map construction of a given floor space. It has built-in obstacle avoidance while it independently completes disinfection tasks. The UV-C Robot Sterilizer has real-time monitoring of the disinfection process with a traceable work log and plan. After sterilization path routine is completed, the UV-C Robot automatically returns to its charging port and self-charges itself for its next disinfection job.



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Additional information

Weight 300 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 60 in
Health/Safety Level

Level 3

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Convenient and Efficient iPad controller (Included with Robot) 8 powerful UV-C ultraviolet lamps Programmable route guidance Obstacle Avoidance Self-Charging Long battery Life Elegant design