Partition Extender, Clear Thermoplastic w/ Screws


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Ghent’s Partition Extenders add height to cubicles and partitions for added protection, reduced noise, and privacy. Cubicle wall extenders mount to the top of existing systems with choice of adjustable and removeable clamps, semi-permanent tape, or permanently affix them with screws. Partition Extenders install easily and quickly as all tools for installation are provided. Thermoplastic surface has specifically been chosen for its durability, cleanability, and rigidity compared to other clear hard plastics. For added privacy, the extenders are available in either clear or frosted thermoplastic partition inserts. Ghent’s Partition Extenders carry a 1-year warranty and ship in worry-free packaging to ensure they arrive as expected. Ghent’s Partition Extenders are made in the USA.



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Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 3 × 30 in
Health/Safety Level

Level 1


18" H x 24" W, 18" H x 29" W, 18" H x 36" W, 18" H x 42" W, 18" H x 48" W, 18"H x 59”W, 24" H x 24" W, 24" H x 29" W, 24" H x 36" W, 24" H x 42" W, 24" H x 48" W, 24" H x 59" W, 30" H x 24" W, 30" H x 29" W, 30" H x 36" W, 30" H x 42" W, 30" H x 48" W, 30" H x 59" W