Thermal Temperature Screening Camera Kit




The Dahua Thermal Temperature Monitoring Solution offers the latest hybrid thermal network camera that combines a Vanadium Oxide (VOx) sensor with a 2 MP visible-light sensor. The solution also provides a blackbody calibration device that maintains a customizable constant temperature as a reference point for the thermal camera. The thermal camera coupled with the blackbody calibration device and a feature-rich 4 TB Network Video Recorder delivers a contactless solution for continuous and non-invasive comparison of human skin temperature compared to the blackbody device. Thermal Temperature Monitoring technology enables quick detection of elevated skin temperatures compared to the customizable blackbody calibration device. Thermal imaging equipment can easily be installed and implemented to detect elevated skin temperature in environments such as airports, hospitals, clinics, office buildings, cruise ships, and any large public gathering location.



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Weight 100 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 30 × 12 in
Health/Safety Level

Level 3

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Safe, Efficient, and Accurate Temperature Monitoring ±0.3° C (±0.54° F) Temperature Measurement (with blackbody) Long-distance Screening at up to 4.50 m (15.0 ft) Enhanced Power and Data Transmission Distances (ePoE) Recommended Use in Commercial Buildings, Healthcare Facilities, Airports, Metro Stations, and Public Gathering Locations